Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Enjoy the summer

We had our last brunch on Sunday the 3rd of August before strutting off for our summer holidays.

We will still be around online with some news and info we would have loved to share with you before, but as we were busy busy busy inside vonblum...we had very little time for the blog world.

So this month we will update with some fun things that happened the past weeks, some news of what will be coming in September and as always some fun links :)

So stay tuned........

Ohh check out our music section on the side, lykke li is a great swedish musician, cant stop hearing her! Thanks Nicole for the tip

Coluored paper umbrellas just like in our window display now
from www.colourlovers.com - very inspiring web page go see for yourself!

1 comment:

Bruna said...

wow, what a great find, the colorlovers website! I'm putting it to good use already!!!!