Saturday, 25 October 2008

from other blogs.....

We have been mentioned in two blogs :)

One is a lovely recipe blog cozinha quente who passed us the golden blog award.

If I understood correctly, no we have to nominate another 15 blogs so here we go:
housemartin,monix, cuca, emma, madeinnorthlondon, bloesem, smosch, finelittleday, hollymaus, papeisportodolado, husmusen, siagrafica, sofiabarao, spagat, mamasita

and we have been mentioned in a basque blog! blomst

Thank you to both of you.


Kiki Machado said...

Brigada denovo por colocar o blog ai!
Quero levar umas colagens pro Vonblum! Vi la que vc gostou de uma! Ano que vem eu vou ai levar, vamos combinar sim.
Como ta Leon? Manda fotos de voces. XX

mamasita said...

Hola Jessica...
thanks for the nomination, I am not really an award person my self, but I do appreciate when somenone thinks my blog is good in some "specific" way
hope to see you and Leon very soon