Tuesday, 25 November 2008

inspiring images

We are oh so lucky to have people around us who go to places and take inspiring pictures.
One of them as many of you might already know is my aunt who lives in Eindhoven.
In October they had the Dutch Design week, which I went to last year and really inspired me while putting vonblum together.
This year I couldnt go......the little guy kept me in town and very busy.
So, my aunts this year brought tons of pictures of the week and it felt like being there myself.

Here are some of the very inspiring work and images they took.

From top to bottom: Numbered plated moths, Sugar spoons imagery cut and welded on to spoon, threaded pebbles...inspiring colours, lovely office cubicle - little house and my favourite by far old book wall

P.S. if anyone has more info on the pictures below please let us know :)

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