Friday, 24 August 2007


I hired a bike in Stockholm yesterday and went to check the city using emma`s guide

Thanks Emma!

Södermalm is a lovely neighbourhood with many interesting shops, but the one that really caught my attention was S. in Gamla Stan.

I drifted in and was lucky enough to have Sara's mum show me the whole newly refurbished space.
The gallery downstairs, a lovely workspace and of course the shop and the so nicely presented things. Sara opened up the doors of her shop three days ago, she is a children's book illustrator and you can feel that this space will have the same Ludic charm of her illustrations.

One of my aims with vonblum, is to create a connection with other creative people and stores. So I guess that meeting Sara was a great first step towards that!

Looking forward to exchanging experiences and ideas.

P.S Whenever in Stockholm make sure to pass by there and say hello
S. @ österlanggatan 37, 1131 Stockholm

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