Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Salad Satisfaction

we have some questions for you today.....is a salad enough to satisfy you at lunch time?
do you always eat bread with your meals?
oh and our favourite question - do you like the sauce already mixed into your salad or on the side?
Would be great to hear from you

photo Barbara Allain


Cynthia Jacques said...

Sometimes (almost always) a salad can be all I need for lunch! I like lots of sauce, so most of the times it`s better on the side. But when it`s prepared with care and lots of sauce, it can be mixed.
I`m not a bread person, I really don`t need it with my food.
Can`t wait for Von Blum openning!!!
Good luck for u!


Fala Araciiii,
I think salad is a woman thing, who is always thinking about diet!!
But its not going to fulfill the stomach of a hungry man!!! So we´d better start thinking of more options!!!
Its easier for you to tell the dressings you have, so the costumer will choose the one he likes the most. You´ll serve it into the salad and if he wants more, he will kindly ask for more! :=D
And Europeans love bread!! So feel free to give us some carb!!!!!

Pam - housemartin said...

I think it is a woman thing. My sweetie feels hungry with only salad for lunch but I love it. especially if it has lots of unusual bits - cheese or nuts or fruits and it needs a great dressing. and yes I would like bread with it! I just stopped in to wish you all the best as I imagine you must be opening soon!

mooi hoor... said...

Hmmm, these questions touch an existentialist chord. My answers would be:


But I'm Dutch. That explains for a lot.

vonblum said...

Thank you all for the very good insight!
Dont worry all we will have some roast beef sandwiches and some extra fulfilling dishes for your other halves as well :)
Cant wait to open and have you come over and actually eat all these wonderful salads!!



Anonymous said...

Its gives more a " home feeling " when the salat comes together with the dressing , less Mc. Donald food . Fresh good bread is allways like a visitcard .option from Brasil where good bread is only served in 1. class restaurants ; good luck Xenia