Tuesday, 11 March 2008

one hundreth post

size 1280x1024

size 1024x768

At vonblum we always find a reason to celebrate, today it's our 100th post!
So we got you a little something...
Click on the image above and save it to your computer on the size that fits your screen best.
Then you will have your very own vonblum Barcelona desktop image.

P.S: Thanks Diego

If you would like to use the image for any other purpose than private do let us know
by emailing to info(at)vonblum(dot)com


mooi hoor... said...

What? 100 already? How come I missed the first 90 of them? Luckily I woke up in time.

vonblum said...

Thanks so much for enjoying it with us! Yes 100 already we dont believe it either :) I hope you will have plenty of other posts to rejoice in!

Soraya said...

DONE! It looks amazing!!!