Thursday, 6 September 2007

its like music to my ears

Most of us will agree that music plays a big role in our lives. We can go as far back as feeling the first kiss if we hear the same song that was playing in the background. Remember that summer song? or the sad song remix you made to survive your heartbreak? Take all of those remixes and moments and help us build up a play list for vonblum.

We have started compiling some of our favourites into different categories such as:
breakfast, after lunch, rainy days, booster, and winter blues.

We will start adding some music on the side of the blog as videos to give you a taste of what we will be playing in vonblum and maybe even
brighten up our days with it!

So enjoy the music and let us know whats a song we can not life without in vonblum.

P.S. talking about music, today we lost one of the great tenors - lucky for us he did not become the soccer star he dreamed of becoming as a kid- and left us with a fantastic repertoire, to LUCIANO!

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