Sunday, 2 September 2007

a lovely place

The summer is almost over, and I am thinking about all the lovely places we have visited.

The most inspiring place was Rosendals in Stockholm.

Its not only a playground for gardeners but also an idyllic surrounding for a afternoon tea or a stroll through the gardens.

Organic food labeling? - no need for that - you know by the lovely backyard that most of the things served in their cafés have been picked there. A walk around there made all of us wish we had an apple orchard in our home ( I never even knew there where so many different species). The shop was closed, but the display from the window filled with lovely pottery and bits and bobs you know you don't need but end up buying...

If vonblum manages to get the slightest whiff of Rosendals to Barcelona urban life, I would be very content!

P.S. worth looking at the site even if its all in swedish! ROSENDALS

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