Monday, 3 September 2007


Looking through all different brands and logos and trying to decide on how to portray vonblum space with use of a nice font. The thing is the choice of the typeface used shall incorporate the identity, enhance the visual aspects and basically be compatible to the whole design concept of vonblum. Quite difficult considering the vast options around us and the small space the word actually takes to comprise all that in one.

Going through all these different typefaces I encountered the lovely work of betsy dunlap.

My favourite by far has been this sample above.

Again, as i mentioned in another post, the idea of vonblum is also to work with interesting people who help define the "soul" of vonblum.

Betsy´s work is not only lovely but judging by the small email exchange we had, she also seems like a very interesting person to add to our club.

Of course we are open for suggestion - so, what do you think?

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Soraya said...

i like it! a lot!