Friday, 28 September 2007

A sea of possibilities

(Photograph by Barbara)

Vonblum is at this fabulous dream stage right now, where we have a vision, but where everything is possible. I imagine a million details, colours, smells... There is still the freedom of having it take any direction. Soon it will be more concrete, with limits, time lines and a more defined life if it's own. But now I can still enjoy the limitless ideas and possibilities. I see different things every day, and my anxiety to see it finished grows.
Today, I see a place where you come in for breakfast, and you leave to work more inspired and in a better mood, because you spent a moment somewhere warm and comfortable. Maybe you will find "something you thought you didn't need", and take it with you for the sheer pleasure of finding the unexpected. Or an object will remind you of a friend, who doesn't have a birthday any time soon, but who deserves a spontaneous gift just to know that you care.
In any case, I believe that the reality which will follow this dream can only be better than what I imagine.

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