Thursday, 6 December 2007


Today St. Nicholas' day is celebrated in many countries.
Many people still have the custom of putting their boots
or Christmas stockings outside the room the night before.

On the 6th they will either find small gifts if they where good and a bunch of twigs,
if they misbehaved!

The place where it is most celebrated is in the Netherlands,

where legend has it that Sinterklaas (Dutch name for St. Nicholas) arrives in the Netherlands by way of steamboat from Spain 2 weeks before his traditional birthday, December 6th, along with his helper, Zwarte Piet (Black Pete), who will help disperse the gifts and candy to all the good children.

Sinterklaas, along with the zwarte piets, will go abroad at night and stride about the countryside wearing his red mantle, his mitre, and his golden crosier and sporting a long, white beard. Referring to his book that lists all the good and bad children, Sinterklaas will deliver presents to all the good children, but watch out if you've been bad!
The bad children may be taken back to Spain with him.

We in Spain even have the day off today:)


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